Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Brennan Muprhy the Front man behind Zenns PR machine

Brennan Murphy, aka eestorblog at has been for years now relentlessly pushing the zenn marketting machine happilly along its path to certain doom. Question is, Why Brennan? From what I can tell he works for a Company called Network General. He can be reached for comment at 571-437-7418.

Trying to connect the dots when its anything related to EESTOR is never an easy task, unless of course you are talking about wheather or not EESTOR is based on real science or make believe.

Why do I believe his name should be revealed? Its simple, He claims to be a reporter and as we know anonymous reporting that goes unchallenged only leads to corruption.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

eestor lore and Cliffords' folly

I wanted to draw some more attention to this as I've been reading a fair amount of PR-ing that Ian had done back before zenn was zenn and was in fact feel good cars. At the time, they had some ridiculous claim that they could break down water into hydrogen and extract enough energy from that to power a car. The sheer number of ridiculous claims that Ian Clifford subjects me to in this article leaves this forum to small a place to explain, but I'll let you read it for yourself.
Ian Clifford Himself;

"All drive components are ready to go," said Clifford. - circa 2004
Now at the time, This scam was carried aloft by a company called AEC or Alternative Energy Corporation. It was run, for the most part by a guy named, Blaine Froats, Chairman. This is the Richard Weir of AEC for comparison sake. They were just as apt and maybe more so of ridiculous PR stunts and exaggerations that had many do-gooders and well-wishers salivating over the ill-founded lore that FGC (feel good cars) was going to change the world. AEC was possibly even better at bankrupting investors, but I doubt it.
I’ll let you read some details about this guy (Blaine Froats) here at
There are even blogs that draw strange similarities to the believer/non believer sentiments much akin to what we observe now at sites like the yahoo message boards and
Point of the above link is that it directly relates to the latest “testing” information provided by eestor as of late, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about it. Just pop in a search for AEC or Blaine Froats and you will see that there is about as much garbage from him as there is about EESTOR as of late.
Why bring this up? Because Ian Clifford, CEO of now ZNN, is perpetuating a new scam on the exact same model as the past with a few minor variations. They are still even using the same crappy French company to supply them with the golf carts.
So yeah, maybe not a lot of new information, but it’s definitely something to chew on. As far as I know Ian Clifford never issued a press release to all the lemmings out there that weren’t smart enough to see through the smoke explaining why there was never any water powered cars coming off of his 10,000 car capacity production line. If I had to venture a guess, that’s why they changed their name to Zenn. Does that stand for Zero Earnings No Nothing?
So rest assured, when Zenn does decide that EESTOR is not a viable technology for the future hoards of commuters and over-consumers, you will never hear about it. All things of this nature pass quietly in the night and corporations dissipate or reform with new and improved business plans, advertising campaigns, and false hopes, and a new board of directors, It’s the way of things lately, the American way.
"All drive components are ready to go," said Clifford. - circa 2004
“we have announced that we will be launching our city zenn vehicle which will be powered by eestor technology at the end of 2009 ”
“we are still on target for that” said Ian Clifford. – circa 2009

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I know what I need to know about eestor

LOL, this is all too funny, I got a call today from the notorious B of "B" for all of you that don’t know is the secret forum owner and has never revealed his identity.

I have been using the alias of goUSA on the open forums to try and get a reaction and well I guess I have succeeded to some part. Before that I was also known as XYMOX. I am what you would call one of their biggest skeptics. I don’t believe the pipe dream and I’m not a fan of "Physics because I say so"

Now that I have you attention.

I was flattered that "B" would actually take the time to call little old me up and ask if there was something I wanted to get off my chest. At first I resisted, but I conceded to voice the opinion that I think its nifty that whenever there is a naysayer on the board, they are summarily banned from the "OPEN FORUM" The first time I was brought down was when I posted some personal address information on his site, fair enough, thats his rules and I’m not the owner, so see ya XYMOX.

This last time I was given the boot for only asking B to reveal his identity. Well what I was looking for was a reaction. You see I like reactions because they are fun, I don’t know, but that’s the way people are, we push buttons and things happen. So I got my phone call. At that point I then knew more than the rest something about this man,... what he sounded like.

And oddly enough I did happen to stumble upon an audio clip of one of my suspects Ian Clifford, CEO of Zenn Motorcars, well this sample was one of many but it is best online voice sample I have heard so far. that’s at
Why did I suspect Ian, Well given his Internet Marketing background and being the one person in this world who has the most to gain from this scam, my focus was narrowed on him.
Well it didn't take me to long after I closed my eyes and remembered who I was talking to, the voice of the caller and the voice of Ian Clifford are one and the same. edit (found out later this was not true, so much for my good ear, damn cell phone!)

I have my answer, and I can’t say I’m happy because I’m not, I really wanted the technology they are promoting to be real, but given the deception and the gravity of the slippery tongue that is Ian Clifford, I know that it’s not more than a dog and pony show.

The world is no better off.

Monday, August 11, 2008

threatening email from and eestor

Here is an email I received from B, aka eestorblogger at eestory and the creator of this site.


Your actions on constitute harrassment and are indirect violation of the terms of service of You are hereby ordered to cease and desist all communications with the domain

You are not authorized to use this service for any reason under any username or from any IP address.

In the event that you continue communicating with this service, be advised that all of your actions are logged and will be provided to law enforcement agencies for criminal prosecution. This is a private system for authorized users only.

and here was my response.

You are indeed a silly man. Id like to see you try it. go pound sand!
by the way, please point to the law that states you cannot use whois to find out who owns a internet site,
Your silly attempt to control the uncontrollable is absurd.
Aaron Carmody

Is this guy for real? does he really think anyone would buy this crap?
It is starting to point to only one conclusion.
All fake and all for the purpose of building up a stock value, how pathetic! Banned me

OK, B whoever you are. It seems pretty fishy that as soon as I find out some juicy details about Richard S. Wier that you ban my account until 2010. Apparently you only want people to learn about eestor what YOU feed them. this is rediculous and people will see through your cloak and dagger stuff and in the meantime, your precious Zenn stock will drop like a saturday night drunk.

Does Richard S.Wier have a connection? maybe, hes on the patents and also runs a internet marketting company. seems pretty cross-culture to me, you are either a scientist or a marketing hype machine. The latter is now known.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Free Speach on EESTOR

I don't like the idea of censorship, so here is a forum where you can feel free to post what you want, good or bad, naughty or nice. Consider it the anarchical side of

My goal is truth, kind of like the truths you discover when fighting with a loved one. Sometimes they are hard to swallow, but it must be done.

May it also be known that I am skeptical about EESTOR's claims. Let my upfront honesty remove any questions you have about my sincerity. I desperately want something like the EESTOR EESU to be successful, but I do not believe it will be done by this company. And if in the end, I am wrong, I will eat rotten eggs.
Thanks for viewing,

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

EESTOR? Anyone there

By far the most important advancement in the modern industrial age will be a crude invention that works on the principle of storing electrons, the Capacitor. EESTOR is one such company. Behind the salesmen's smile however there lurks a sneaking suspission of too-good-to-be-true-ishness. Only problem is, there is no salesman. EESTOR is not touting its own grandeur as it has people like me to do that for them. It is true that if accomplished, the ultracap they have in the planning, will revolutionize the auto industry, the utility infrastructures and the bottom line, our expendatures on gasoline and oil byproducts. You will see wind turbines going up on top of every house as the price of electricity adjusts for the increased demand. That's fine by me. I would love to walk out in the morning and unplug my pod from the generator and make my 100 mile daily trip.

Apparently, there has been the rumblings of land aquired in the texas area for a production capable plant. If so that could be easilly verified by a public record search. Also verifable is that there is actually stuff in the window at their current address. I've attached a picture of current facility. Its BLDG 1

Some quick recon should be able to grab some decent pics. Where is my minion? I suggest a hobo disguise for authenticity.
My point of this post is that we will see oil fall to draconian levels if the EESTOR product makes its way into the market, May I suggest 20 per barrel by 2012?