Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Brennan Muprhy the Front man behind Zenns PR machine

Brennan Murphy, aka eestorblog at has been for years now relentlessly pushing the zenn marketting machine happilly along its path to certain doom. Question is, Why Brennan? From what I can tell he works for a Company called Network General. He can be reached for comment at 571-437-7418.

Trying to connect the dots when its anything related to EESTOR is never an easy task, unless of course you are talking about wheather or not EESTOR is based on real science or make believe.

Why do I believe his name should be revealed? Its simple, He claims to be a reporter and as we know anonymous reporting that goes unchallenged only leads to corruption.


isurewould said...

Could it be that he likes Eestor? and is enamored with the idea of a future powered by capicitors? No crime in that. I like his blog.

aaron said...

Absolutey, who doesn't like the idea of cheap energy storage? Problem is Brennan has been relentlessly pumping ZENN for so long and via his media outlet that he and his group of followers could easilly engage in stock manipulation. You have to ask, what would the historic stock prices of ZNN.PK look like without his blog sites?
Is it theeestory or thezennstory?
Hell, Even Elon Musk of Tesla said that the FBI should be investigating eestor. You cant Claim to be a reporter and remain anonymous in an environment where stock manipulation is at the forefront of the issue.

charito3052 said...

lots of people already knew this information, but have had the class to respect B's wishes to remain anonymous. Apparently you don't fall in this category.

aaron said...

Well you can choose not to remember. Thats your choice. I like to write things down so I dont forget. ;)

Anonymous said...

I think you have the wrong guy. How do you know it is him

aaron said...

Thubten, Only way to know for sure is call him up and ask.

Anonymous said...

Have you done that?

Tom Zara said...

Why is it OK for Baghead to track down skeptic bloggers at home and or work to supposedly interview them but it's not OK for a skeptic blogger to track down Baghead at his home and ask him questions? What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

If someone is able to contact Baghead at his home ask him if there is anything he wants to get off his chest? Ask him why does he take it personally if someone believes EEStor is a scam? Why is it OK for Baghead to hide behind a bag and to spread BS about EESTOR with no evidence i.e., DOD has prototypes, LM has prototypes, but when a skeptic believes EEStor is a scam Baghead demands the skeptic to sign their real name? Also please ask Baghead if has brought to Michael Roberts attention that he has called skeptics scumbag, schmuck, asshole, and idiot? That's not a good example to set for an administrator.

Muahahahahahahahahahaha ASSHOLE!!!

Steve321 said...

Baghead Brennan Murphy, you are no different con artist than Dick Weir and Ian Clifford.
If you were not a con artist, you would not be hiding behind a bag and proxy server calling EESCAM skeptics f'cking amatuers and scumbag.
The following is a quote from a Nobel laureate which I agree 100%:
"Brennan, I really believe you are evil to the core. I hope your children one day learn about your legendary hypocrisy. Life has ways to exact retribution in ways far better than I can imagine".